Who purchase the single Ice flaker evaporators?

1. Professional refrigeration contractors, flake ice machine manufacturers. As the tarrif to be charge for components is comparatively lower and the labor cost is low, purchasing of evaporators for assembly skid-mounted ice machine will help reduce the cost and increase profit.

2. End users who need replace old evaporator

3. Factories which have a central ammonia refrigeration system. Like large scale chemical processing facilities and Aquatic products processing facilities,Meat Processing factory etc  


Scope of Evaporator Capacities

Daily production Capacity: 500kg – 60 T (for overseas customers, the maximum capacity is 40T due to the max height restriction of container).


* Classification of Ice flaker evaporator  


*Power supply: 380V/3P/50HZ, 220V/3P/60HZ, 380V/3P/60HZ, 460V/3P/60HZ

*Ambient temperature 35℃

*Water supply Temp 20℃ ( quality)

*Extreme working condition environment: 5℃~40℃, water supply 5℃~30℃

*Refrigerant: R22, R404A, R507A


More and more Coling or temp.Reduction industry used the ice machines to meet their higher technic request due to their deeper knowledge about this equpment.

Flake ice evaporator is the key part of ice flake machine,structured as a vertical cylinder. It is comprised by the following major ice making components:

Ice maker drum,  blade, main shaft, water distributing pan, water shield,etc.


Their movement is coordinated by the reducer, which moves at a low speed anticlockwise. Water is sprayed into the water distributing pan which distributes water evenly onto the freezing surface of the evaporator. Water film thus formed conducts heat exchange with the low temperature refrigerant inside the evaporator chambers, and turns into a thin layer of ice on the freezing surface of evaporator, which is crushed into flake ice and drops into ice storage bin through the ice dropping orifice of the evaporator.


The water that is not frozen into ice returns to cold water tank of the evaporator and is pumped into the water distributing pan for the next ice forming cycle.  




Rigorous pick-up of raw material. Not every kind of Stainless Steel is the same in terms quality on the market. When we choose stainless steel, we use the material of high quality with Qualified Material Certificate only. 

*Strict ERP Quality control system

*Prominent Technology of Welding Detecting Ray

*Ice Blade weldless Forming

*Excellent Heat treatment of stress relief by annealing


*Prominent X-radial welding detecting technics

*Chromium Coating (carbon steel )

*Quantity & loops of refrigerant chambers designed Stringently   

*A multiple of cleaning jobs for the refrigerant chamber 


*Evaporator never meet deformation

*No refrigerant leak

*Ice scraping smoothly

ICESTA First-Class Craftsmanship

Key points of Quality control of flake ice machine

Pontos-chave de controlo de qualidade de uma máquina de gelo em flocos 

1. Evaporator Machining and Processing  

*Spiral Refrigerant Chamber Design of the evaporator, compared to other designs, assures that refrigeration oil mixed in refrigerant gas return to compressor, and in the same time, dry evaporating style of ICESTA evaporator will eradicate the damage of compressor slugging.

* When the refrigerant chambers of the evaporator have been properly welded, a heat treatment of stress relief by annealing is done to eradicate effectively the hidden danger of evaporator deforming.

* Chromium coating of evaporator freezing surface (carbon steel only) will enhance hardness and wearability.



2.  Ice Blade Machining and Processing

Maquinaria e Processamento da Lâmina de Gelo

Ice blade is machined into a spiral type scraper from a single stainless steel bar. Compared to ice blades made through welding, the intensity is much more higher. And ICESTA ice blade is free from internal stress caused by welding. Spiral type ice blade applies force onto the evaporator freezing surface evenly, which will lengthen dramatically the life time of both ice blade and evaporator.   


The ICESTA team has used more than 20 years of experience in refrigeration and ice making to continuously innovate products to achieve higher efficiency, more stable operation, smoother ice removal and ice production.

Technology, change the world, innovate, and subvert tradition. We are committed to making people's production and life more convenient, efficient and beautiful


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ICESTA has always adhered to the philosophy of “UNITED, PRECISION, INTERNATIONALIZED & OUTSTANDING”, from professional refrigeration team, strict quality system, efficient management mode, global development strategy, and customer-oriented.  The business purpose of all is combined with this inner concept, thus laying a solid foundation for the realization of broad corporate goals.  

They are all manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products have received favor from both domestic and foreign markets.
They are now widely exporting to 500 countries.

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