Product Introduction

ICESTA Containerized water chiller is designed to provide cold water to chemical and concrete cooling, it is also widely applicable in big fish harbours, artificial snow making industries. it is a containerized and compact design, and with incorporated ice making & auto electrical system and AIS & ADS, it is the ideal realization of integrated chiling & automatic ice use mode.

Application industry

Technical Parameters

*The technical data based on 40°C inlet temp.0.5°C water outlet temp
* Power supply:3P/380V/50HZ,3P/220V/60HZ,3P/380V/60HZ,3P/460V/60HZ Optional.
* Refrigerant: R404A(R22 R17 R507 is optional).

lce Water Plant
Max Concrete Production㎡/Day700930110013401530200024502690
Ice Water Production㎡/Day110150180200250320400432
Total Water Flow㎡/H4.
Recommended Storage      Capacity of Water Tank5090
Installed Ref. PowerKw240320380460525718834920
Electric Power ConsumptionKw638295100130178215235
lce Water Plant
Max Concrete Production㎡/Day7009301100134015302000
Ice Water Production㎡/Day110150180200250320400432
Total Water Flow㎡/H4.
Recommended Storage      Capacity of Water Tank5090100100120150200220
Installed Ref. PowerKw198270324360
Electric Power ConsumptionKw51687585110170190200


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20 years dedication in ice making and cooling technology to create excellence

The lCESTA team has used more than 20 years of experience in refrigeration and ice making to continuously innovate products to achieve higher efficiency, more stable operation, smoother ice removal and ice production.

Advantages / Special Design

1.Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Water Cooled Screw Chiller is an efficient and reliable industrial chiller unit, with its main components featuring a screw compressor, hence referred to as water-cooled screw chiller. It utilizes a screw compressor and water-cooling heat dissipation method, providing excellent refrigeration capacity and stable performance. The chiller is equipped with a cooling tower or acooling water circulation system, which utilizes external cooling water for heat dissipation, meeting a wide range of industrial demands. With a wide temperature control range and refrigeration capacity, it can precisely control temperatures between 3°C to 50°C, making it suitable for industries such as plastic processing, chemical and others. Water Cooled Screw Chiller chillers are the ideal choice in the field of industrial cooling, ensuring stable operation of equipment and processes.


2.Shell and Tube Evaporator

The Water Cooled Screw Chiller utilizes a shell and tube evaporator. In this system, the refrigerant evaporates inside the heat exchange tubes, while water flows on the shell side. To enhance the heat exchange efficiency, a 2mm thick baffle plate is installed on the shell side, causing the water to flow back and forth to create ice brine. Additionally, to maintain a stable operating temperature, the exterior shell of the evaporator is covered with insulation material. For the heat exchange tubes, we employ high-efficiency seamless copper tubes. These tubes undergo a grooving process to form internal thread fins, thereby increasing the heat exchange surface area with the refrigerant. With this technology, the heat transfer area is doubled, significantly improving the heat transfer efficiency.

3.Intellectualized PLC controller with touch-screen

*All failure record & instant solution available
*Stop-time setting at will.
*Different languages version
1.Advanced industry control: Utilizing the latest generation of PLC controllers, ensuring precise control of the unit and
ensuring efficient and optimal operation. 2. Accurate temperature control: Achieving a temperature control accuracy of within ±0.5 degrees for the chilled water outlet, meeting the requirements for high-precision temperature control.


Working principle

Relying on ICESTA's strong R&D technical force and 16+ years of industry experience, ICESTA has gained a good reputation and trust in the industry.

The refrigerant flows in the dry evaporator tube, absorbs the heat of the refrigerant outside the tube, and continuously evaporates. When it reaches the evaporator outlet, it all turns into gas and is sucked into the compressor through the return pipe. The compressed gas enters the condenser and is condensed into a saturated liquid with a certain degree of subcooling. The heat released is taken away by the cooling water. The supercooled liquid then passes through a drying filter to remove impurities and moisture. After being throttled by a throttling device, it becomes a low-temperature and low-pressure liquid and enters the evaporator for recirculation.

Engineering case

Since 2007,ICESTA products have been exported to more than 80 countries around the world, you will enjoy the services in many countries from local distributors.



20 years focus on innovative solution in ice making and cooling technology

Shenzhen Brother lce System Co, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as lCESTA), as a well-known ice machine manufacturer and industry leader and pioneer in China, has been committed to providing excellent "Made inChina"" since its establishment in 2007. After more than ten years of advancement, the product line has been continuously expanded, and the plant has expanded year by year. lt has a R&D and manufacturing base of 20000 square meters in Dongguan City and Shenzhen City, as well as a production and technical team at home and abroad with more than 150 people, The output value reached 120 million yuan: the company established 2 branches: SHENZHEN BROTHER COLD CHAIN TECHNOLOGY CO..LTD, LIAONING BROTHER SPORTS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD;

Experiences & History:

* Dscades of Team focus on innovative solution in lce & Cooling technology.

* Decadal Professional Manufacturer, Supplier of Excellent Turnkey ice & cooling projects

Industry status& Reputation

* Top lce Machine Brand in China.

* 20000 m³ Factory

* ISO 9001,CE, PED, ASME(US) Certificates etc

Technology & Management capability:

* 80+ patents Certificates

* High Technology enterprise Certificate

Services & Global Net

* Export to 80+ countries

* Local service in 50+ oountries with networks all over the world.

* 1-2 years warranty covers each component


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Questions before quotation
A. Would you make ice from seawater, saltwater or freshwater?
B. Where and when would the machine be installed roughly?The ambient temperature and water inlet temperature?
C. What’s the power supply?
D. What is the application of the flake ice produced?
E. Which cooling mode would you prefer to? Water or air ,Evaporative cooling?

2. Installation & commissioning
A. Installed by customers according to the manuals, online instructions and live video conference of ICESTA.
B. Installed by ICESTA engineers.
a. ICESTA would arrange 1~3 engineers based on the projects to the installation sites for the final supervision of all
installations and commissioning.
b. Customers need to provide local accommodation and round-trip ticket for our engineers and pay for the commissions. US Dollars 100 per engineer per day.
c. Power, water, installation tools and spare parts need to be ready before ICESTA engineers arrive.

3. Warranty & Technical support
A. 1 year after Bill of Lading date.
B. Any failure occurred within the period due to our responsibility, ICESTA will supply the spare parts for free.
C.ICESTA provide full technical support and training courses after equipment installation and commissioning.
C. Permanent technical support & consultation all life long for the machines.
D. Over 25 engineers for instant after-sale services and more than 15 are available for serving overseas.
365 days X 7 X 24 hours phone / EMAIL assistance

4. Failure Claim procedures
a. Detailed written failure description is required by fax or by mail, indicating the relevant equipment information and detailed description of failure.
b. Relevant pictures are required for failure confirmation.
c. ICESTA engineering and after-sales service team will check and form a diagnosis report.
d. Further trouble-shooting solutions will be offered to customers within 24 hours after receiving the written description and pictures

Thermostat, control the temperature at any time, adjust the required water temperature

World known brand Bock compressor, high efficiency, low power consumption

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ICESTA has always adhered to the philosophy of “UNITED, PRECISION, INTERNATIONALIZED & OUTSTANDING”, from professional refrigeration team, strict quality system, efficient management mode, global development strategy, and customer-oriented.  The business purpose of all is combined with this inner concept, thus laying a solid foundation for the realization of broad corporate goals.  

They are all manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products have received favor from both domestic and foreign markets.
They are now widely exporting to 500 countries.

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