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Simple and stable

Unlike the traditional crushed ice + Roots booster fan system, the ifsn-500k all-weather snow machine successfully combines the crushing and jetting mechanisms into one.Will not heat the snow, no blockage.Minimize the transmission mechanism and reduce the equipment failure rate. Very easy to maintain.Also unlike snow-floating snow machines, the ifsn-500k all-weather snow machine does not need to consider environmental humidity factors.

And the resulting defrosting problem.The entire ice making, water storage, ice delivery and snow making processes are completely independent of the closed loop system.

Thus, the snow quality is balanced and sustained to the utmost exten

All-weather function

Completely independent of temperature and humidity, it can be produced at any time and under any working conditions. The system is widely used in outdoor and indoor landscapes, commercial, snow parks, events and other temporary activities. This allows the system to seamlessly meet the diverse needs of customers.

The ifsn-500k all-weather snow making machine is widely used in many outdoor high temperature snow parks at home and abroad. It has successfully completed the task of making and keeping snow at zero distance.

System independent

The ifsn-500k all-weather snow machine is an independent working system, free from side systems.

The snow is high quality and the system is stable.Plug and play, the entire production process only needs to access water and electricity.

There is no need to rely on other systems to provide cold water, cold storage media, and high pressure gas.


ICESTA automatic snow making system consists of snow making & Storing & Delivery System involves:


* Outdoor Artificial Ski Resort

 * Snow Turbing 

 * Indoor Snowhouse

 * Atmosphere creating

Technical Parameters

* Ice making machine:

* Ice making machine:

Solution Design & Parts Description

ICESTA has different snow making systems according to customers’ different requiements and site conditions.

After the customer’s demand confirmed,our technical team recommend the most suitable snow making system, design the scheme and program, then ICESTA sends the detailed proposal.


Example----TYPE A making snow from flake ice

50tons/24hrs ice  making system + 20tons snow storing & delivering bin + snow maker with blower

(Containerized)Flake ice machine

According to customer’s requirements, We supply

1)Standard Flake ice machine with container

2)Flake ice machine fitting in container (20FT, or 40HQ container). The ice machines are well fully pipe connected and tested fully before delivery from factory which give the user’s most convenience at site.

2*25tons per day evaporating cooling flake ice machines

Icesta ice factory, integrated with a Vivid H-M Interactive Feature, cools your Concrete ready

mix all automatically

Raker style automatic ice storing & delivery system:

--------40HQ refeer container fitting with ice delivery system

A. Ice Sorage Bin: IFB20T automatic Ice raking and storage system of nominal capacity of 20ton; with insulated panel and inner assembled steel structure for Ice raking mechanism. It is movable and easy and free to transport, install and debug. This Ice storage will be manufactured in the factory and then transported to the work site for assembling


B Air Cooler installed on the top inside the storage bin, keeps the inner temp at -8degrees;Ice raker inside loosens and pushes the ice hill to the outlet point of the ice storage bin There is an induction mechanism for ice level detection, which helps keep the ice raker over the ice hill at all times.

C. Ice raker inside for keeping ice forwardering

During the ice flaker running, ice raker reverse to turn over the ice mound, which makes those dropping ice spread over the ice storage bin and the ice elevator which fixed with up and down limit as well as safety protection switch will automatically adjust the raker vertical height.


D.The screw conveyor under the ice storage

The screw conveyor below the ice deflector take charge of the ice which raked out from bin delivering to the snow maker

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The ICESTA team has used more than 20 years of experience in refrigeration and ice making to continuously innovate products to achieve higher efficiency, more stable operation, smoother ice removal and ice production.

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Since 2007, ICESTA products have been sold to more than 80 countries around the world, and provide distributor services in many regions


In 2014 icesta snow guns were put into Australia's

largest artificial ski resort



In 2011, the icesta snow machine was put into

the artificial ski resort of the Window of the

World in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.


                     In 2015 the snow ice machine made by

                             Icesta was start to operation


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ICESTA has always adhered to the philosophy of “UNITED, PRECISION, INTERNATIONALIZED & OUTSTANDING”, from professional refrigeration team, strict quality system, efficient management mode, global development strategy, and customer-oriented.  The business purpose of all is combined with this inner concept, thus laying a solid foundation for the realization of broad corporate goals.  

They are all manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products have received favor from both domestic and foreign markets.
They are now widely exporting to 500 countries.

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