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  • ICESTA flake ice machine are used for Concrete Cooling
    ICESTA flake ice machine are used for Concrete Cooling
    The temperature of ready-mixed concrete needs to be controlled for large-scale dams construction and continuous pouring of concrete applications. With the release of heat of hydration during concrete curing, the internal strength of concrete gradually increases.ICESTA containerized ice making plant is designed mainly for concrete cooling projects. It is also applicable for cooling purposes in large scale chemical plants, harbors and artificial sking resorts.This is not important for small concrete structures, but it is of special significance for dam projects that require a large amount of concrete to be poured. During curing, the heat of hydration increases the temperature of the concrete by 25°C, causing the volume of the concrete to increase. After curing, the temperature of the concrete decreases and the volume decreases. This process usually causes cracks in the dam. Therefore, the initial pouring temperature of concrete should be controlled according to different concrete signs to control the corresponding concrete exit temperature to ensure that the maximum temperature of the concrete during curing cannot exceed the limit temperature of the design unit.
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