The temperature of ready-mixed concrete needs to be controlled for large-scale dams construction and continuous pouring of concrete applications. With the release of heat of hydration during concrete curing, the internal strength of concrete gradually increases.ICESTA containerized ice making plant is designed mainly for concrete cooling projects. It is also applicable for cooling purposes in large scale chemical plants, harbors and artificial sking resorts.

This is not important for small concrete structures, but it is of special significance for dam projects that require a large amount of concrete to be poured. During curing, the heat of hydration increases the temperature of the concrete by 25°C, causing the volume of the concrete to increase. After curing, the temperature of the concrete decreases and the volume decreases. This process usually causes cracks in the dam. Therefore, the initial pouring temperature of concrete should be controlled according to different concrete signs to control the corresponding concrete exit temperature to ensure that the maximum temperature of the concrete during curing cannot exceed the limit temperature of the design unit.

Although different countries and different construction sites have different requirements for concrete pouring temperature, from 7°C to as high as 30°C. But every project needs to be equipped with a complete concrete refrigeration system. Among them, adding flake ice is the most effective way of pre-cooling. Every 10kg of flake ice can reduce the temperature of one cubic meter of concrete by about 1.2℃~1.4℃.


Our company's complete set of automatic ice delivery system can realize the functions of automatic ice storage, metering and conveying, and multi-point ice delivery. The required ice can be delivered to the location required by the customer in a fixed and quantitative manner. At the same time, it can also be used with the chiller to speed up efficiency.

ICESTA containerized ice making plant is designed mainly for concrete cooling projects. It is also applicable for cooling purposes in large scale chemical plants, harbors and artificial sking resorts. It is an integrated system carried by containers, composed flexibly by several ice machines and related control systems, incorporating automatic ice storage bin and ice delivery system. It is an automatic system for ice application.

Why Flake Ice for Concrete Cooling 

1. Fastest melting time of Flake Ice compared to any other ice

2. Shortest mixing time as Flake Ice melts Rapidly

3. Longer lifespan of the Batch plant equipment and cost saving due to short mixing time

4. The cooling energy is 100% or Even Higher as the flake ice is Subcooled (-7 degrees)

5. Due to the dryness, the cooling input of flake ice can be accurately calculated and its effects on the mixture’s  temp is quickly apparent


Maldives 50 Tons With 100 Tons Ice Delivery

The design of such a system is done in accordance 

to customer’s specific requirements


30 Tons Containerized Flake Ice Machine

The design by ICESTA is supposed to provide an sufficient 

and safe ice application solution

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